Monday, March 16, 2009


Yesterday was amazing. I made so many incredible contacts and hadd so many learning experiences and they kept going until late in the evening. Here are just some highlights:
  • Met Tara Hunt (@missrogue) and chatted about sxswsmiles
  • Met the guys from an incredible micro-loan program called opt-in (
  • Gave away 400 hand bills for sxswsmiles
  • Had my picture taken with the segway blow up doll. Segway asked "How tdo you roll?"
  • Met and chatted with David Meerman Scott who offered up some great advice and encouragement (www.davidmeermanscott)
  • Talked to a guy from Google about doing a Google Smiles day with the "What makes you Smile" concept-he's coming by today to chat more
  • Talked to Scott Goodstein from the Obama social media campaign about our social media strategy and online/offline promotions
  • Talked with a kiosk and trade show designer about working on "The Operation Smile Experience" traveling show-his company does amazing work and is looking for a charity to partner with
  • Talked to a game design company about designing an interactive compnent to "The Operation Smile Experience"
  • Will be story boarding "The Operation Smile Experience" today
  • Talked to innovative user generated t-shirt company Threadless about partnering on a t-shirt design contest (
  • Had dinner with folks from Beaconfire, Hewlett Packard, FreeRange Studios in preperation and celebration for today

Gotta run, check out the photo stream at to see the folks that come by as we ask "What makes you smile?"

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