Sunday, March 15, 2009

DAY 3-meeting tech Rock Stars

so i have a quick (opporative word quick) second to post a blog. Had some incredibly amazing connections and onversations today! I am a huge fan of David Meerman Scott, He has a great handle on concisely and effectively understanding and communicating social media. Lots of free resources etc.
So yesterday I saw his book reading and scored a copy of his new book and then this morning in the Bloggers lounge I had a great chance to speak with him. Looking at doing a Mr. Potato Head across the world viral campaign.

Also in the Bloggers Lounge were my new bestie @xian3000 aka Christian Caldwell from American Heart Association. He has been amazing at introducing me, guiding me and giving me incredibly invaluable info on how to do my job better. @Pistachio was there too-i said hi and asked her to come by sxsw smiles (she said she would).

I was torn between going to the Moms Who Blog or Making Whuffie sessions (whuffie means internet creditbility and reach). I went to Whuffie because I figured I needed some and I know @emom and her freinds are coming by tomorrow.

Whuffie was @missrogue (can you say 25k + followers???!!!) session and was very valuable-even more valuable was giving away 300 fliers for #sxswsmiles and encouraging people to "increase your whuffie and help kids tomorrow". I think it might work. It doesn't hurt that @rachelannyes introduced me to Miss Rogue (Tara Hunt) who then said she'd come by AND she put on a sxswsmiles button and said she'd spread the word! (SCORE)

I am meeting really awesome people, getting tons of ideas and have a great rest/work/blab/blog/rest rythm going so i don't poop out!

More later--including video and pics--

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