Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 2 "Whose Who"

I'm siting here at the SxSW Day stage with some of the female Goddesses of the Internet. Wendy Harmon, the Social Media Guru of Red Cross who helped bring back the Red Cross after Hurricane Katrina through connecting with people via Social Media. Wendy Piersall is munching on crappy pizza, she's emom online and has 14,500+ followers on Twitter and countless on her blog sites and other online presences. Aliza (Ah-lee-zah) Sherman AKA Cybergrrrl who is a legendary blogger and cyber geek (she even has her own playing card here!). And finally the incomparable Beth Kanter Social Media Evangelist and non-profit consultant extraordinaire.

I have already learned a ton about the social media world, brushed shoulders with giants of the web and had 4 cups of coffee.

And of course I'm getting everyone excited about SxSW Smiles on Monday and trying to draw support for our mini-campaign here!

More later, I'm off to a session about associations and the web.

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